How To Know 3kw Home Solar System Is Working Correctly?

You will be amazed to know that a large number of people are turning their way from conventional sources of electric energy to solar energy as they get more benefits from it. Once you have successfully installed a solar system at your home then it will become your duty to make sure that it is working perfectly and needs no repairing or replacement.

The amazing fact is that a 3kw home solar system will show some alerting signs before going bad. If you are successful in finding the main issue through these signs then you will save yourself from the further serious problem. You can take assistance from the given discussed points to make sure that your solar system is working perfectly.

Dusty or Broken Panels of Solar System

The presence of dust on panels directly affects the functionality of the solar system and also decreases the power output. In addition to dusty panels Bird propping’s on panels also have bad effects and because of covering the solar cells, it can result in reversing the amount of current. Also, make sure that the panels are not broken from any side.

Installed Location of Solar Panels

If you want to enhance the functionality of your solar system then it’s important to pay attention to the Solar panel’s orientation and its tilt. It is always suggested to install a solar system in such a way that it faces the north side and in this way, it will observe more sunlight.

Shading on Solar Panel

You can bring enhancement to the working of a solar system by paying heed to the shading on the solar panels. The power supplied by the solar system will reduce to a great extent because of the shading on it. Try to adjust the panels in such a way that the light falls on them even at midday.

Solar Inverter’s Working

It’s an important measure to check the working of the solar inverter because you will be able to get a hint from it if there is any kind of internal issues in the system. The green lights on the inverter show that everything is perfect and if red lights are showing then it’s a sign that there is a fault in your 3kw solar system.

High Grid Voltage

The high grid voltage is the most common sign that there is a fault in the 3kw solar system. A higher voltage is required for feeding energy to the electrical grid and this is considered normal. But if the amount of this voltage increases to a great extent then the system will not be able to accept the solar energy and will affect the production of electricity.

Snail Trails on Panels

Snail trails on the panels can reduce the effectiveness of a solar system but this issue is caused after a few years. Generally, the presence of brown color on the panel is named as snail trails and disrupts the working of solar panels. These snail trails are mainly caused because of defective silver paste that was left behind on penal while manufacturing solar cells.

Solar Metre Working

Solar meter plays a great role in the working of the solar system and if it stops providing the correct readings then you will not be able to find it by any other method. This problem is mainly due to the issue of the software, or hardware or due to any technical issue. You can get a new solar meter and can get the correct readings.

Sum Up

Several reasons make the functionality of your solar system go down. Therefore, you need to have complete information about all the factors that can make your solar system and how you can ensure the perfect working of your 3kw home solar system. This will not only increase the life period of your system but also produce more power.



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